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Icons; Twilight, Gossip Girl, CSI:NY, Bones, Gilmore Girls ect.
Hello, I'm Lyss or puddleofstone. here's a little about me, 16. australian. high school student. crazy. coffee addict. netball. random. love = twilight series + robert pattinson + gossip girl. loves nessie + breaking dawn. artist. music. writer. i love making icons, and sharing them around. please enjoy.
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1)comment - i love comment they keep me going. so leave as many as you want.
2)credit is a major thing. please, either credit to lyss1 or puddleofstone.
3) No hotlinking, textless Icons are not bases, do not edit.

ships. fandoms.
twilight: edward+bella, alice+jasper, esme+carlisle, rosalie+emmett, kate+garrett. csi:ny : danny+lindsay. csi:miami : calleigh+jake, eric+natalia. 24 : michelle+tony. gilmore girls : rory+logan, lorelei+luke. grey's anatomy. csi. friends. pushing daisies. bones. supernatural. standoff. numb3rs. criminal minds. private practice.

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